Buy Chase REO Homes

Chase REO property listings consist of properties repossessed by the bank after a foreclosure auction sale. Due to legal restrictions, Chase does not release the listings of properties currently undergoing the foreclosure process initiated by it. As REO properties are the repossessed homes absolutely owned by the bank, these listings are made available to potential buyers and investors on their site. By using the search features available on the bank’s website, one can access Chase REO property listings without having to pay costly subscription fees charged by third-party listing sites such as and

Residential properties that were foreclosed by a bank or a lender take a certain amount of time before they are listed for sale due to a number of procedural factors involved in the REO listing process. The length it takes for a foreclosed REO property to get listed varies due to different state laws, legal proceedings and local rules.

As soon as a foreclosing lender receives a clear title transferred to their name, they list the property on the market through their network of approved listing agents. Chase REO department has a list of pre-approved reo agents and vendors it employs to handle aspects related to the management and maintenance of repo homes it owns in its REO portfolio.

Find Chase REO Listings for Sale

All the REO property listings owned by Chase are listed for sale on their well-organized REO site. A complete description along with pictures of a property in its present condition can be accessed by using the various filters and search options provided there. The contact information of the listing agent handling the property on behalf of Chase can also be found. As the Chase REO site is quite comprehensive, interested buyers and investors can browse all the bank’s listings from one convenient interface. Whether one is looking to buy locally or in a far off location, the filtering options make it a breeze to discover their ideal residential home.

In addition to location info, Chase REO homes can be filtered based on property size, no. of bedrooms and bathrooms. Other property information such as the date of construction and taxes is also listed. Chase employs local real estate agents to handle all aspects related to management of their REO homes. The bank makes no warranties regarding the condition and status of the property. All listed Chase foreclosed properties are sold “as-is”. Due to this an investor or a potential buyer must perform thorough due diligence on a property they are interested in purchasing.

As the bank doesn’t engage directly in the selling or the negotiation process, all interested parties must contact the bank assigned listing agent for all queries related to buying a Chase REO property.

Chase REO Listings Website

The REO listings on Chase website get updated on a daily basis to reflect the new properties that it offers for sale.

Creating a Profile

The process involved in creating an online profile to access Chase REO properties is easy and straightforward. If you already have a user ID, you can log-in and start accessing all the site’s features. If not, you need to click on the “Create a Profile” link in the home tab. Select “no” when asked about having an existing User Id and Password. Follow the instructions and create your new Chase User Id to access new and old REO listings.

A Chase Properties’ profile allows a user to save their previously performed searches, thus saving the need to re-enter all the criteria again in the future.

E-Mail Alerts

After signing-up and creating a buyer profile, users can set up e-mail alerts to track new listings in any area of their choice without having to make frequent visits to the bank’s listings site. As soon a new Chase REO property fits pre-defined criteria, that listing gets emailed with all the available information to the registered email account in the profile.

In addition to the Chase properties website, bank owned homes can also be accessed through other real estate websites that aggregate foreclosure listings. Real estate agents who have access to MLS will also be able to assist you in finding local REO listings. The contact information of the real estate agent handling the property listing is provided along with other property related data. According to Chase, the agent is the best source of information for anything related to the REO home offered sale.